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I went to a Melissa concert last night in Columbus, Ohio. So I thought I'd share some of my experience on here, since I already wrote about it on my journal, I'll just copy and paste some.

Set List
Come On Out Tonight
If I Wanted To
No Souvenirs
I Want To Come Over
Come To My Window
Shriner's Park
This Moment
Don't You Need
Angels Would Fall
I Need To Wake Up
Silent Legacy/Scarecrow/Tuesday Morning
The Letting Go (Piano Solo)
Yes I Am
This Is Not Goodbye
I Run For Life
Meet Me In The Back
Bring Me Some Water
I'm The Only One
Piece Of My Heart
Like The Way I Do
Keep It Precious

Some comments about the songs:

"I Need to Wake Up"
This song was written for that new Al Gore movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore asked Melissa to write a song for the soundtrack/movie and this is what came out of it. I had never heard it before, so it was neat to hear new material straight from her mouth. Before she sang it, she talked about global warming and how she went to Alaska once and this guy who like... drove her dog sled or something (haha, I have no idea) was chatting with her. And she goes to him, "So, global warming, huh?" And he explained to her that in Alaska he sees the effects of it a lot, that in the 20 years he had been there, he could tell the glaciers were melting and the mountains are being eroded away and stuff. And Melissa was really passionate about it and it's one of the reasons I admire her, because she's an advocate for so many things.

"The Letting Go"
Oh my God, this was beautiful. Probably one of my favorite parts about her concert. They brought out a piano and her band went away and Melissa just sat down, played the song on the piano, and sang. It was lovely.

After this, while they were setting up the band stuff again, Melissa started singing "Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me a Mercedes Benz." I guess once she was doing some radio show or something and the only equipment working was her microphone or something... so she just started singing that song and clapping her hands, so she had us doing it with her, just clapping and singing. It was neat.

"Yes I Am"
This was one of the other best parts of the concert. So Melissa is singing and she sings the first verse and then starts singing the third verse, near her bass guitar player. Then she stops and goes, "Nope, wrong lyrics. I skipped the second verse!" So she keeps strumming her guitar and the band's still playing and she stands there, wracking her brain and she couldn't remember! So this guy comes out of the side with this huge white binder and flips through it to the song and gives her the verse. She's like, "This is the first time I've had to get The Book!" And I think she meant the first time during this tour. We're all screaming our heads off, cheering, because you know, it's the coolest thing ever that she made a mistake. She starts singing again and when she gets to the third verse, we all start cheering again. After it was over, she was like, "Man, I was trying to flip through the catalogue in my head. So many songs, all those words in my head!" It was pretty cool.

After she sang "Bring Me Some Water," Melissa introduced her band members and they all played fun little solos. I always love it when musicians do that for their bands.

After she played "Piece of My Heart" she said goodbye and they all walked off the stage. But of course, none of the lights came on and the audience was all standing, yelling and cheering, and she came back out--of course. We were so excited. She sang two more songs and then left.

Another fun thing she did was... She had two camcorders and she said, "This is why it pays to be in the front row" and she gave the video cameras to people in the front row and they were allowed to film whatever they wanted. It was just for a home video for Melissa and she just wanted to see it from the audience's perspective. I thought that was so cool. She gave the first video camera to some younger girl and Melissa said, "You can film whatever you want. You can film your mom if you want--if that's your mom." And the woman said something and she goes, "Her grandma? You look REALLY good for a grandma!" And it was really funny. And then Melissa told the little girl, "You can film the guitarist if you want, because I know he's just so... pretty." And we all laughed, haha. It was fun.

Someone in the back row yelled to her that she should give one of the video cameras to them and she was joking around, saying stuff about the back row. Later that same person yelled "We love you in the back row!" And she's like, "Good, the back row still loves me." Someone yelled, "We love you, Melissa!" at another time and she's like "Aw, well I'm very fond of you, too." Hahaha. And then other people were yelling and she's like, "You know I can't really hear you, you just sound like blahblahblah," and she made the noise for what they sounded like and it was pretty funny.

People were taking pictures with their camera phones and she's like, "Man, I wish you could see what y'all look like!" And she imitated the people holding up their camera phones. It was funny. And she let the people in the front row take her picture--like she would pose for their camera phones. I was so jealous. I was in the 17th row--way too far away for my digital camera and these people were getting up close shots! PLUS they got to be in the front row AND touch her, because she slapped their hands at the end.

She's a really good entertainer. She knows how to interact with the audience, which I think makes for an even better performance. It's fun to watch someone sing, especially when they acknowledge you.

I had so much fun. My only complaints are that I wasn't close enough and that she didn't play some of my favorite songs. But that's what happens when you see an artist in concert who has 9 albums and over 100 original songs, heh.

Anyway, just thought I would share. ;)
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